Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Call for Diversity Proposals

Communities in the North Central Region continue to change, with representatives of different cultures regularly being added to an already diverse population. We know that cultural and economic barriers exist that prevent some in the region, new and established alike, from working with the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program to achieve our common sustainability goals.

Since we see sustainable agriculture as an important issue for all of the citizens of the North Central Region, we feel that it is incumbent upon us to identify any barriers that prevent participation by everyone who is interested in working to help push forward this process of change and then to promote fuller participation with the SARE program in our region.

Toward this goal, we suggest that NCR SARE review its programs and processes in an on-going manner to improve the relevance and accessibility to all the citizens of the North Central Region. We suggest that NCR SARE commit to building strong relationships with existing programs and organizations that currently serve those that may be underserved by NCR-SARE. We suggest that NCR SARE continue to grow in its capacity to act as a change agent to build cultural competency within the region from the regional down to the individual level for all involved with SARE.

In the end, increased diversity among those planning, carrying out and being served by the SARE program in the North Central Region is a positive attribute that we feel will help make Sustainable Agriculture more broadly accepted and more widely practiced."

To continue reading the NCR-SARE's Diversity Goals Narrative document, click here.

The Call for Diversity Proposals is now available on the NCR-SARE web site.

Click here to access the Diversity Research and Education Grant Program Call for Proposals.

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