Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Michigan Mint Farmer Attempts 6000 lbs of Fudge for a Good Cause

Jim Crosby (“Peppermint Jim”), of the Crosby Mint Farms in St Johns, MI will be participating in a world record candy making event, and help children's charities in the process.

On May 17th and 18th, 2008 in, Lansing, MI, Crosby and a professional chef will attempt to make the world’s largest slab of organic / natural fudge, weighing in at more than 6000 lbs.
In addition to setting a record, the event will also support various children's charities.

Crosby Mint Farms has been a family-owned independent producer of mint and mint products since 1912.

In 2003, Crosby received a grant from the North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (NCR-SARE) for his project, “The Value of Mint: Preserving Historical Mint Fields with Windbreaks.”

With this project he sought to increase the wind break, provide wildlife habitat and year-round green esthetics as well as protect his fields from wind erosion.

In addition to Crosby, former NFL football players Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Cliff Odom, Billy Sims, Everson Walls, George Teague, and Byron Williams also will be participating along with Bobby Jon Drinkard, of CBS’s “Survivor:Palau” to help raise funds for children's charities.

Read more about Crosby’s NCR-SARE project online here or contact the NCR-SARE office for more information.

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