Thursday, April 10, 2008

NCR-SARE project produces Minnesota cookbook

Renewing the Countryside has spent the past three years working on an NCR-SARE project, "Green Eating and Vacationing in Minnesota: Eat and Play to Support Sustainable Agriculture," which among other things produced a cookbook that features 100 recipes from 38 of Minnesota's best chefs and restaurants who are committed to locally grown, organic, sustainable food.

"The question we are asking ourselves is given the growing interest and excitement in local foods, how do we harness that interest to move the system along," said Jan Joannides, project coordinator and executive director of Renewing the Countryside.

"Various organizations in Minnesota are looking at different aspects of the food system, from building the capacity to produce local, sustainable foods to developing efficient and fair distribution systems to providing access for those least able to get it."

Recipes come from Lucia’s, Café Brenda, Spoonriver, Heartland, New Scenic Café, Angry Trout Café, Restaurant Alma, Brasa, Bryant Lake Bowl, Barbette, Red Stag, Bayport Cookery, Birchwood Café, Hell’s Kitchen, Nosh, Heartland, New Scenic Cafe, Minwanjige Café, and several more Minnesota favorites.

Read more about the results of project (LNC04-246).

Buy the book here.

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