Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two Weeks Remaining to Submit Applications to the Sustainable Agriculture Standards Committee

This is a reminder that two weeks remain to submit applications to participate on the Standards Committee that will work toward development of an American National Standard for sustainable agriculture.

Stakeholders interested in working on specific advisory subcommittees are also encouraged to apply during this period.

To Learn More
Please click here for the official Standards Committee application deadline reminder sent to stakeholders and interested parties.

Please click here for the Leonardo Academy press release announcing the Standards Committee application deadline reminder.

Call for Standards Committee Applications If you have not already submitted your application to participate on the Standards Committee or supporting subcommittees, we encourage you to apply! Please note: In the event that a Standards Committee member is not able to attend a meeting, an alternate from their organization can be appointed to serve as a proxy for that meeting. Knowing that you may have to miss a meeting should not prevent you from applying to the committee. Please help us increase awareness about the efforts to develop an American National Standard for sustainable agriculture among potentially interested parties and stakeholders by forwarding this announcement and the attached press release to anyone you know who may be interested in and/or affected by this standard. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda at Leonardo Academy (608-280-0255, amanda@leonardoacademy.org).


Amanda Raster
Leonardo Academy

email: development-scs-1@leonardoacademy.org
phone: 608-280-0255
web: http://www.leonardoacademy.org/Projects/SustainAgStdDevelopment.htm

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