Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Retrospective Evaluation of NCR-SARE's Research & Education Grant Program

In 2007, North Central SARE conducted a retrospective evaluation of its Research and Education (R&E) Grant Program. The Center for Evaluative Studies in Michigan State University’s Department of Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies (MSU CARRS) conducted the survey research component of the evaluation.

A few highlights from the reports:
  • The surveyed projects had high levels of farmer and extension involvement;
  • NCR-SARE R&E projects led to cooperation and partnership opportunities in furthering advancement of sustainable agriculture systems and practices;
  • Nearly eight out of ten farmer cooperators in NCR-SARE R&E projects found the information gained from the NCR-SARE project useful, and just over half of them used what they had learned on their farm;
  • Market recognition of their farm’s products increased for half of farmers who responded to the survey.
Go here to read more about the evaluation process and results.


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