Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sustainable Agriculture Webinar: An Overview of Organic Research in Nebraska

The Organic Research and Extension team will explain their program in Nebraska. Presenters for the webinar include: Dr. Charles Shapiro, Dr. Rich Little, Liz Sarno and other members of the team. Topics discussed will include: a review of the 2010 USDA - OREI Grant "Improving Organic Farming Systems and Assessing their Environmental Impacts across Agroecoregions", research to control weeds with a flamer in organic crops, the Organic Winter Wheat variety project that examines breeding new wheat cultivars specifically for organic systems with an emphasis on disease and pest resistance, response to organic fertilizers, and end-use quality, the Healthy Farm Index and research findings that can help land-owners make decisions about managing their farm's ecosystem and food production , and the role extension has in working with organic farmers and the various on-farm organic research projects.

To participate in the Adobe Connect "Sustainable Ag Webinar Series - An Overview of Organic Research in Nebraska on May 26 from 10:00 - 11:00 AM CDT, you will need to have a computer with Internet access and a phone to participate. At the meeting time, simply click on the following link or copy and paste it into your browser to enter the meeting: http://connect.extension.iastate.edu/unl 

When you go to that URL you will find yourself at a login page. Simply click on “Click to Enter” under the “Enter as a guest” heading. You will then be prompted for your name. Enter your name and click “Enter” to enter the meeting space. The instructions that detail how to join the integrated phone audio conference will be on the screen when you join the meeting.

Anytime before the meeting you can visit the following URL to confirm your ability to connect to the Breeze server: http://breeze.extension.iastate.edu/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm

This will be an opportunity to learn more about what the USDA Organic Project is all about, what has been done to date and future projects it will be involved in. If you have any questions in regards to this webinar, contact Gary Lesoing at (402) 274-4755 or glesoing2@unl.edu

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