Friday, August 20, 2010

Online Resource about Organic and Sustainable Agriculture for Agricultural Educators

Through an NCR-SARE Professional Development Program (PDP) grant, new and ongoing research in the fields of organic and sustainable agriculture has become available online from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln; these sites can be resources for agriculture educators in particular.

In 2006 Charles Francis and Shannon Moncure at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln were awarded an NCR-SARE PDP grant to develop a ‘train the trainers’ program to provide educators in Extension and high schools with practical information and hands-on experience in organic farming and ranching system practices and design. They conducted many training sessions throughout the region in addition to developing this online resource. As part of the project, sustainable and organic agriculture educators, practitioners, and other interested parties were sent announcements about the renovated website. The re-launch occurred incrementally, and the project coordinators continue to add both links to newly discovered sites and also files collected by they interact with experts in the field.

As both a stand-alone resource and a complement to educational experiences supported by this grant, the website now contains links to many more online videos, PowerPoint presentations, and other online resources. These items were collected with the express purpose of supporting agriculture educators in their efforts to help students and others learn about sustainable and organic agriculture.

The website can be found at:

In August, Organic Farming: The Ecological System (Francis, 2009) was published, with influences from the work supported by this grant. The book relates farming practices, understanding of components and mechanisms, and design of systems using natural environments as models.

This website was created in associated with an NCR-SARE PDP project. To read more about the project, visit SARE's online reporting site at

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